Why Choose ASCLS / ASCLS-Ohio?

ASCLS is the only professional laboratory organization whose membership, leadership, and administration consist of clinical laboratory science practitioners exclusively.  Its sole purposes are to address and resolve the issues affecting Clinical Laboratory Science and the needs of those who practice it, and to protect the patients, who are consumers of laboratory testing, by assuring accurate and valid laboratory-generated information.



Membership in ASCLS/ASCLS-Ohio – what’s in it for YOU?  ASCLS defines our professional practice, represents our profession in legislative and regulatory affairs, represents our professional interest in various collaborative efforts and provides a variety of continuing education opportunities.  Here are the top 10 benefits that ASCLS membership provides:


#10 - Networking opportunities with other members of our profession through local, state, regional and national organizations


#9 - Opportunities for professional development & career enhancement at local, state, regional and national meetings


# 8 - Continuing education available through workshops, seminars, print, and media materials


# 7 - Support for research and higher education


# 6 - Current information on legislative, regulatory, and professional issues through various publications


# 5 - Advocacy in legislative and regulatory issues affecting the practice of clinical laboratory science


# 4 - Promotion of high professional standards


# 3 - Multiple opportunities to participate in the regulatory, legislative, educational and professional issues related to the practice of clinical laboratory science


# 2 - Basic membership benefits</font> – journal, newsletter, reduced registration, access to information


And the # 1 Benefit - ASCLS speaks with a SINGLE UNITED VOICE for all clinical laboratory science practitioners!



ASCLS / ASCLS-Ohio provides benefits to its members in many arenas at both personal and professional levels.  Because of its organizational structure and its broad representation on the Boards of Directors of other organizations affecting Clinical Laboratory Practice, ASCLS / ASCLS-Ohio members directly influence their own future and that of the profession.  To learn more about how ASCLS / ASCLS-Ohio membership can help you, please click on the linkd on the left margin (in blue):



Professional Advocacy

Legislative Influence

Networking and Career Building</a>

Accessible and Affordable Continuing Education<

student forum

Consumer Advocacy


 To directly access the ASCLS / ASCLS-Ohio membership application click the following link: