American Society for Clinical Laboratory Science-Ohio 2023 Scholarship Application

ASCLS OH-Scholarship Application 2022-2023

The American Society for Clinical Laboratory Science – Ohio (ASCLS-OH) announces the availability of at least three scholarships for students pursuing a career in Medical Laboratory Science / Medical Technology. The minimum scholarship amount is $500 and a one year paid membership to ASCLS.

To be eligible for an ASCLS-Ohio scholarship, the applicant must have:

1. Proven academic success as evidenced by overall college GPA

2. Specific knowledge of the medical laboratory profession

3. Demonstrated success and acknowledgement of the following principles and standards by which laboratory professionals practice in their profession to include integrity, sound judgement, reliability, and a commitment to lifelong learning.

4. Effective and appropriate written communication

5. Financial need

6. Minimum 2.5 G.P.A.


1. ASCLS-Ohio General Scholarship: Eligible applicants will be enrolled in the final/clinical year of an accredited medical laboratory science program of (MLS/MLT) an Ohio college/university. Membership in ASCLS is not required but helpful, as it is used in judging.

2. Geraldine Diebler/Stella Griffin Memorial Scholarship: Facilitated through ASCLS-Ohio, this scholarship requires eligible applicants to be enrolled in the final/clinical year of an accredited medical laboratory science program (MLS/MLT) of an Ohio college/university in the Akron/Canton/ Steubenville area. Membership in ASCLS is not required but helpful, as it is used in judging.

3. ASCLS-Ohio Member Scholarship: Eligible applicants must be a member of ASCLS-Ohio and enrolled in a program that will help them succeed in the profession of clinical laboratory science. This is open to certificate, undergraduate, and graduate level programs.


1. Complete the application form.

        Download form at: ASCLS-Scholarship Application 2022-2023

2. Submit a brief statement to describe your interest in clinical laboratory science and explain your financial need for a scholarship.

3. Submit a character reference from a responsible citizen, not a relative, commenting on the applicant’s personal qualities listed above.

4. Submit two letters of recommendation from a school official, instructor, or academic advisor commenting on the applicant’s aptitude for science, personal qualities and academic status (GPA).

5. Submit an official transcript from current college or university attending. Those applying for the member scholarship currently enrolled in graduate school should submit an undergraduate and graduate transcript.

6. Enclose the completed application and all supporting documents together in a single envelope. Emailed applications and reference letters will be acceptable. Please use subject line: ASCLS-Ohio Scholarship Application.

All documentation should be sent directly to the chairperson of the ASCLS-Ohio Scholarship Committee.

PLEASE SUBMIT ONLY ONE APPLICATION. Applicants will be considered for all scholarships for which they are eligible.


When to apply:

–Postmark Deadline for completed applications is May 1st of the current year. Time stamp for emailed materials will be 23:59 of May 1st.

–Recipients will be notified no later than May 15th.

–Awards are for the academic or clinical year.

–Upon notification, selected recipients will be asked to verify acceptance of the award before the scholarship monies are sent.

–Payment will be made directly to the scholarship recipient.

Applications and Questions should be submitted to chair of the scholarship committee:

Adrienne Davis Zapfe

3225 Eden Avenue

Office 161 Health Science Building

Cincinnati OH 45267-0394 [email protected] (513) 558-7491

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