About ASCLS-Ohio


 As a constituent society of the American Society For Clinical Laboratory Science (ASCLS), ASCLS-Ohio is committed to the purposes of ASCLS as stated in the ASCLS Bylaws ARTICLE II:

 The purposes for which the Society is formed are:

  • To promote standards in clinical laboratory methods and research, and in affiliated fields;
  • To enhance the professional status and image of its members;
  • To create mutual understanding and cooperation among the Society and its members and all others who are engaged in the interests of individual and public health;
  • To be responsible for providing educational programs in the clinical laboratory and related sciences and defining standards of competence at all levels;
  • To be responsible for determining entry level requirements and providing for appropriate credentialing;
  •  To represent the interests of the clinical laboratory and affiliated professions and the members of the Society in all government and other forums that affect those interests;
  • To establish and promote ethical standards for the professions represented;
  • To provide aid and benefit to all members of said professions.

The American Society for Clinical Laboratory Science-Ohio is certified by the Secretary of the State of Ohio as a “Corporation for Non-Profit.”

The Certificate Number is #208983.

The current agent of record for the corporation is:

Lisa Kubit-Palanca

ASCLS-Ohio was first incorporated under the name of “Ohio Society of Medical Technologists” on July 12, 1948.  The organization maintained that name until September 20, 1972 when the official name became “Ohio Society for Medical Technology.”  A subsequent name change to “Ohio Society for Clinical Laboratory Science” was registered on July 12, 1994. In 2004, the organization was renamed ASCLS-Ohio and remains the official name of the organization today.

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