Awards and Honors

Awards and Honors


Omicron Sigma Award

Since 1977, the Omicron Sigma award the ASCLS President’s Honor Roll for outstanding service has been given to recognize members at the state, regional and national level who have volunteered their time, talents, resources and energy to advance the clinical laboratory science profession.  The following ASCLS Ohio members were selected for admission to Omicron Sigma for 2015-2016:

State Level: Erin Rumpke, Lisa Kubit, Shannon Kern, Brittany Holdheide, Barbara Zingale, Sheila Ng, Laura Geiger and Kateland Koch.

Regional Level: Laura Hook-Woods and Meighan Sharp

National Level: Melanie Giusti, Myra Myers, Catherine Shaffner

The commitment and contributions of these individuals ensure that ASCLS-Ohio can provide quality services to our members and improve our professional image with our laboratory colleagues, other health care practitioners, and in our communities.

Key to the Future Award

This award is given annually in order to recognize newer members of ASCLS-Ohio who have made a significant contribution to the organization.  Recipients receive recognition and a unique Key to the Future pin.

The 2015-2016 recipients are Brittany Holdheide and Lisa Kubit.

Ohio Member of the Year

This award goes to a member who has made outstanding and highly significant contributions to the organization.

2015 Recipient: Kathy Wesseler

ASCLS-Ohio (OSCLS/OSMT) Member of the Year Award Recipients(Medical Technologist of the Year)

1968 Nancy Doerr 1969 Jeanne Burson 1970 Dolores Kries 1971Stella Griffin
1972 Irene Gilleland 1973 H. Richard Walter 1974 Rene Lachapelle 1975 Shirley PohI
1976 Jeanne Burson 1977  Lucy Randles 1978 Joanne Markowiak 1979  Joan Longberry
1980  Joyce Regula 1981Sr. Arlene McGowan 1982  Myra Myers 1983  Karen Goodman
1984  Rose Ann Crawford 1985 Janet Arneson 1986 Rita Hartzell 1987  William Frick
1988  Laura Gregory 1989 Karen Hyttenhove 1990  Lynn Noe 1991  Rose Ann Crawford
1992  Kathy Wesseler 1993 Jeanne Burson 1994  Ivan Krimas 1995  Diana McCormick
1996  Joan Longberry 1997 Marybeth Hartke 1998 Joseph Ewald 1999  Ivan Krimas

ASCLS Member of the Year” Award Recipients from Ohio

Jeanne Sembower (1969)

Shirley Pohl (1975)

Jeanne Burson (1982)

Joan Longberry (1988)

Lucy Randles (1996)

ASCLS-Ohio’s Nominees for ASCLS “Member of the Year” Award

(Formerly the Corning Award)

1961 Herta Seletzky 1962  Bessie Keeting 1963  Louise Faulkner 1964  Jane Taylor
1965 Jane Taylor 1966 Hazel Suessenguth 1967  Catherine Konkle 1968  Kathryn Mowery Dickinson
1969  Shirley Pohl 1970  Mary Jane Louis 1971  No Nominee 1972  Irene Gilleland
1973  H. Richard Walter 1974  Rene Lachapelle 1975  Shirley PohI 1976  Jeanne Burson
1977  Lucy Randles 1978  Suzanne Conner 1979  Ruth Trigg 1980  Mary Ann Fiene
1981  Margaret Carroll 1982 ; Jeanne Burson 1983  Joan Longberry 1984  Sr. Arlene McGowan
1985  Sr. Arlene McGowan 1986 Sr. Arlene McGowan 1987  Lucy Randles 1988  Joan Longberry
1989   Rita Hartzell 1990   Carolyn Laemmle 1991   Lucy Randles 1992   William Frick
1993   Rita Hartzell 1994   Kathy Wesseler 1995   Kathy Waller 1996   Lucy Randles
1997  No Nominee 1998   No Nominee 1999   No Nominee 2000   No Nominee
2001   No Nominee 2002   No Nominee

Special Recognitions

Joan Longberry –  Past President’s Award Winner (1982)

Shirley Pohl – OSMT DistingS

uished Technologist of the 20th Century (1993) ASMT Meritorius Service Award (1992),


Joan  Past President’

Shirley Pohl – OSMT Distinguished Technologist of the 20th Century (1993) ASMT Meritorius Service Award (1992),

s Award Winner (1982)

Shirley Pohl – OSMT Distinguished Technologist of the 20th Century (1993) ASMT Meritorius Service Award (1992),



Melvin Oosting, M.D.

Margaret (Mom) Pohl

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